Thursday, May 24, 2012

My First Take

i am super excited about this blog that my hands are itching with excitement. Its begining to look like i may have found something that interest me ............again! hehehe.

I have never been a "cooking" person and my family and friends would stamp that 100%, every body thinks i hate to cook, well i wouldnt blame them, after all i have never showed signs of liking the act.

I have an international tongue, oh i call my tongue international because it can distinquish the bad from the good INSTANTLY!

My dad taught me my first cooking skill: he taught me how to grind pepper and he did it with so much attention. My dad (Handsome dude he was) was a catcher for the women, i mean who wouldnt fall for that?

There are a few people who can throw me off board with cooking,my grandma and my mum Leslyn
My grandmas special dried fish and meat soup is a total knock out, there is something about that soup that drives me crazy, i never want to stop eating

My Mum Leslyn's "throw in" stew as she calls it, is a hit !, she cooks the stew with no attention, like she really doesnt care about it.
It's seems like the stew has to be cooked with a swag of "idontcaresm" and trust me when its done, as any Aburi Girls student would say :DONT GO THERE"

When it comes to dessert, my instincts work as fast as a super hero. People dont try a lot of desserts in Ghana but there are a few good places with nice and sweet desserts in Ghana

My sister in law makes the best cakes in Ghana............PERIOD ! ( there is no room for arguements on that) and my sister makes the best brownies in GH, if u doubt ,lets try yours

For me, food is much more important than just eating it. I think every good chef is a higly creative person and i adore them.

i have always said i would have to marry a man who can cook and i think i might have laid my hands on one, my Boyfriend is a really good cook. He makes everything out of nothing and has a very tasty tongue (well i hope it stays like that, you know men.......they can change :)

Sorry for my long talk but am a bit nervous about this blog but i would be taking you on a tasty ride.......just buckle up people.

Now am a Mukase Chic and I can cook :)

Am the lady with the fork and my BFF Frost aka Tyra...........dining.

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